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March 17th, 2009

10:33 am - it's moving time
So we moved into our new offices yesterday. No pictures yet - they've asked us not to post any until the official opening - I'll send around some then. It's very nice here. I'm sitting in the "Under The Sea" area of the office, with a nice view of the fishtanks. In other news, my lease is up at the start of May, and my house has been sold. So it's time to look for a new place to live, too...

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March 13th, 2009

07:31 pm - watch this

Trust me. If you want to see an exercise in brilliant, wonderful interviewing. Just watch this. Everything you wish someone would ask "what the fuck, man, just.. what the fuck". Stewart does it.

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March 1st, 2009

04:07 am
This amuses my inner 13 year old

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February 8th, 2009

05:30 pm
CFA website is melting under load. Co-workers put this up: http://mapvisage.appspot.com/fires/FireMap.html (updated)

Requires Flash > 9.
Updated every 5 minutes.

Alternate maps available from http://google-au.blogspot.com/2009/02/mapping-victorian-fires.html

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January 30th, 2009

03:12 pm - why I don't post about politics much
Compare and contrast:



(some of the assholes mentioned in this piece are now NSW MPs)

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January 29th, 2009

11:34 pm - some suggestions for melbin friends
Take a 1 litre carton (milk, juice, whatever) that's empty. Wash thoroughly. Take a kg of sultana grapes, pick them off the stems. Stuff into the carton, top off with water to fill the gaps. Put in freezer. On hot day, take the carton out, and slice off an inch thick slice of yummy frozen grapes. The cardboard carton acts as a way to hold it without getting too sticky. om nom nom nom.

Option 2: Google for "White Sangria". Had this in Barcelona, very yummy.

Hope you're all not too melty in the heat.

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January 27th, 2009

11:05 pm
via Richard - Being Human. Werewolf, Vampire, Ghost. Dark, very dark. Funny. And christ, the first episode alone features use of songs like "Smack My Bitch Up" and Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt". Go, seek it out.

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January 23rd, 2009

02:44 am
Ok, seriously? Sydney? You can fuck off with this ridiculous 2am heat and humidity.

... goes back to sitting in front of airconditioner.

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01:53 am - not the onion
"Former French President Chirac hospitalised after mauling by his clinically depressed poodle"


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January 22nd, 2009

12:44 am
Wow. I haven't posted here for a month now? Time flies. Anyway, still alive, hi, hope you all enjoying your 2009. And to my merkin friends, enjoy your new-found Bush-free country. Congratulations to all of you.

So no real excuse for not posting, other than I've just been busy and not keeping up with things like LJ. In an attempt to try and keep track of what I'm up to on a day-to-day basis, I've now become the latest person to start using twitter, - I'm sure you can find me there easily enough if you care to. Didn't feel like I could justify the time for LCA this year, I have some stuff coming due at work soon. Will be at Kiwi Foo and almost certainly at PyCon, though. Not speaking at PyCon, although may pull together a lightning talk. I think I worked out that I did something over 15 talks last year - I think this year I will take it a bit easier.

Other than that, here's the Team Fortress 2 guys doing their version of Where The Hell Is Matt?

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